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    first trial, first excitement…

    Nothing like “Everything You May Want to Know about Porto”, not to mislead.

    From the speech of Her Excellency Ambassador Ms. Paula Leal da Silva for National Day's greetings on June 10th. 2018:

    "... Secondly, allow me to congratulate the Turkish photographer Bahadır Aksan, who is here with us, for his interesting book - at your disposal in the room - with appealing, original photos of the old Portuguese city of Porto, with its granitic classical buildings, its narrow markets, and colorful façades, and with its people, straightforward, genuine, kind…

    Through these superb photos - so vivid - we can almost listen to the musical accent of Porto’s inhabitants, feel the flavor of its sumptuous Port wine. We can together wander around in the northern Portuguese city, enjoy its charms…"

  • Daffodil

    With my photographs I try to narrate the death of youth, just like those cemetery daffodils as was regarded by the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. I want to place emphasis on ageing, on slowing down, on melancholy, isolation, and confusion, on the awareness of our own farewell - surely one of the most painful concerns - and, in contrast, also on small moments of happiness: the soul’s resistance to death.

    I would like to thank to all who in one way or the other involved in the story of this book either by honouring this book as the winner of “Self-Publish Riga 2018” or with their precious contribution in printing stage (Kaunas Photography Gallery, KOPA Printing House and Antalis LT & Antalis LV) and of course to all who made me to take these photographs by touching to my life.

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