• I was born in 1963.

    I am a civil engineer.

    Like most of us, the thought of writing a biography turns my stomach. Briefly; 

    • I started photography by attending courses at AFSAD (Ankara Photo Artists Association) in 2003.
    • I was rewarded as the “Photographer of the Year” at AFSAD in 2006-2007 period as a result of “Photography of the Month” evaluations.
    • I had five solo shows: “Poland”, “Shipyard”, "Berlin im Detail", "Porto" and "Daffodil". “Poland” has been exhibited at the Polish Embassy in Ankara and at AFSAD, Izmir, Konya and Manisa. “Shipyard” has been exhibited in Bodrum, "Berlin im Detail" in German Embassy in Ankara, "Porto" in Balıkesir Photography Museum and "Daffodil" in Kaunas Photography Gallery in Lithuania and Ka Atölye in Ankara.
    • I also participated in various group exhibitions held in Ankara, İstanbul, Salzburg (Austria), Sopron (Hungary), Xanthi (Greece) and Piacenza (Italy).
    • My second book "Daffodil" was published with the generous contribution and support of Kaunas Photography Gallery, Kopa Printing House and Antalis LT & Antalis LV, as an award to the winning prize of “Self-Publish Riga 2018” which is explained in detail in "Publications" part of this website.