• Photographs you will see in this web site are shot in natural light conditions. It’s not only day light that I am referring as natural light, what I‘m saying is, no intervention has been done to the conditions of the environment during the photography and no additional lighting source (such as flash etc.) has been used.

    Excluding a few, there’s no fiction and no modelling used in any of the photographs.

    Almost all of them are digitally processed after the shooting with specific computer applications. I’m not sure if this has a degree or level of intensity

    but these applications inherit only some colour saturations and partial contrast changes that can’t be referred as manipulations. I am getting an invaluable support from a long-time business colleague with whom I have developed close friendship over the same period whose reflection -in my opinion- contributes to the spirit of the photographs in a very positive way.

    I would like to thank everything and everyone who believe they have contributed - or have contributed unknowingly - in my making, and therefore in the making of these photographs, and therefore this website.