• "I‘ve deeply thought that, since there’s no opinion of a crocus, no personal belonging of a sparrow and no concern of this stone to make another day, let me not have any of them either... And I did make even some resolutions too. But it’s no use. I declare my opinion through the things I write, collect unimaginable things and I am leaning over to poetry with all my being in order to be able to remain more for tomorrow." says Ibrahim Tenekeci

    I think, in my case, I am leaning over to photography.

    In spite of all these, maybe as photography is not my profession but my hobby or it took such a long time to establish this web site as I like it to be, which is not yet definable as completed, but I think it’s more or less ready to go online. Thanks to a news I read currently (I guess when the web

    site is really on air, these “current” issues will be a year old) helped me console myself a bit: Ahmet Cemal had completed the translation of the novel "Death of Vergilius", the masterpiece of Hermann Broch after forty years. God forbid, never wanted to be compared with the master, what I wanted to point out is; it needs time...

    Please find below some notes -amongst which, a part of them belongs to me and the rest don’t (quotes)- you may like to look back again occasionally if you get the chance. Some of them are very likely to be fancied and sticked on to the corkboard next to your desk. No coherence or continuity should be expected between them but they are means of expressing my point of view about photography (maybe not just about photography but about a specific part of life too):

  • Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.

    Edgar Degas

  • Best camera of the world is our eyes. That’s why I think we have lots of photographs that never had the chance to be transferred to paper or flash disc (since they haven’t been pictured). Unfortunately, they might have been the best ones ever.

  • Interpretation is the revenge of the intellectual upon art.

    Susan Sontag

  • I am an obsessive person. Whether this is stemming from my chronic symmetrymania (this idee fixe apart from the common perception of its definition, suits more to my passion for balance and ratio) or my obsession to see the ultimate result or my not being a part of the digital technology, 

    resulted in my missing lots of photographs while trying to shoot them at an angle I wished them to be instead of taking wide angle shots and then cutting and pasting (cropping) the required spots digitally afterwards with ease.

  • a couple of words