• Time will surely respect all manual labor and hard work, if genuine and sincere effort and care are put into the work.


  • Patience, to be shown just as needed for everything.

  • And finally, here are some quotes (again needs to be reviewed as independent small islands) from which I read via recommendation of one of my masters, from “In Motion” a Photographic Travel Project by Ihsan Derman:

    Photography is a technical form of producing images depending on the physical reality of the environment. Photographic image, in a way, has to be in connection with the one that’s already been there. As it’s a form of producing images dependent on the choice rather than synthesis, it has to be formed by being chosen among the already existing. Thus, usually, taking photos needs to go out of home and to move.

    The subject taking the photo as Flusser puts it, has to hunt down the subject of his image from the forest of cultural objects.

    Photography and action are modern terms. Modern subject is a subject in motion. Action lies in the center of the thought of modernity.

    My experience from travelling reveals that this is a highly complicated, mind confusing thing. At the same time it tells that distance is an illusion and diversity is a relative notion. That’s why I feel at home much more in foreign lands.

    We consider travelling as a way of getting away, going to “other places” where others live. The differences of those people are exaggerated and the similarities become invisible or hidden.

    One of the most obvious reasons for travelling is to find pleasure.

    We don’t travel to practice our minds; basically we consider vacation as a means of emptying our minds and getting away from everyday responsibilities.

    During a vacation what you do is getting away from what you’re getting away from by reading a book or photographing.

    This means, to move away from something closer to understand it better.  As a part of the game, it’s similar to reacting childhood activities apart from the everyday life.

    Travelling always inherits coming back, coming back home. Tourist has a home. A sweet and cozy home of his own when the adventure is over or the expectations haven’t been met. This is also a concrete situation that affects the pleasure of the adventure. Home is where the bags are unpacked and disarmoured. This is a place where nothing is needed to be defended or proved as everything is clear and obvious.

    What urges us to travel is sometimes the feeling of security and comfort we have at home.

    Tourists have the hidden pleasure from the thought of otherness of the places visited, people and activities as these show the fantasy and the illusion of differentiality and otherness which are contrary of ordinary life. At the same time experiencing this differentiality makes the notion of home ensuring trust, comfort and benefits stronger.

    Tourist is a mobile being. He/she is inside everywhere but not “in” there.

    Travelling is the only way some people can look around.

    Regarding the photos of the travellers, Sontag has said; “Photographs help people to take possession of space in which they are insecure. The very activity of taking pictures is soothing, and assuages general feelings of disorientation that are likely to be exacerbated by travel. Unsure of other response, they take a picture.".

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