• All art is dedicated to joy, and there is no higher and no more serious task than to make people happy. True art is only that art which provides the highest enjoyment.

    Friedrich Schiller

  • I am really surprised to see the photographs of Instagram’s famous photographers getting thousands of “likes” in half an hour!

    What’s happening exactly when you filter a forest in colors, trees getting purple, leaves getting yellow and the earth getting green!

    I am looking at a photo of Venice of a very popular Instagram photographer. Color of the water at the Grand Canal is between light green and pink! Frontwalls of houses has been turned into red, orange and green with the filters. This image has been “liked” by over ten thousands.

    Why? How come?

    from an article by Hasmet Babaoglu

    Now I want to ask them...

    Venice is already a multicolor city. What is not enough for you? How gorgeous the earthy colored front walls and Byzantian style marble columned terraces of those houses are! It seems as if you’re tired of looking at the real Venice and fell in love with this “fakeness” which do not carry any signs of authenticity.

    To sum up ...

    In todays world, people tend to sacrifice aesthetics over being interesting! In fact, what is “interesting” gets its validity from capturing the attention. The background is mostly empty.

  • Less is more.

    Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

  • Everyone discusses my art and pretends to understand, as if it were necessary to understand, when it’s simply necessary to love.


  • ...
    Yesterday I saw a woman on the beach and this made me realize instantly something I was thinking for a long time; no one is physically perfect and should never be. There’s no perfection in nature. This woman was chubby. She had thick thighs. With a little belly. She had small tits. But I found her extremely sexy. Everybody is attractive to someone.

    There is a difference between being beautiful and attractive. It’s a mystery never solved for any of us, who is attractive
    and who is not. There’s a different template in each and every one of us that defines the attractiveness for men and women. That’s why everyone is attracted to someone: Even an ugly, fat or old person is attractive.

    And the answer of my reader was: Women (or men) who let themselves flow with the dullness and fakeness of aesthetics are withdrawing

    from an article by Metin Munir

    themselves for good from the things that make them unique and individual. Attractiveness is not something we can explain analytically or proportionally.

    People who are made believe that the models in the magazines carry the “ideal” shape are probably thinking that they are ugly or missing something physically. But what they can’t see is that these unideal features at the same time, ironically, like a belly, small tits or somehow a larger mouth can be incredibly attractive to some other person.

    I guess nature which don’t permit hundred percent perfection is telling similar things: There’s something lacking in perfection; the beginning and ending are evident, kind of boring.

    I think it was Proust who said that women with a classic beauty have to be reserved for men lacking imagination.

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